Breathing mini LED

Breathing mini LED
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These individual "breathing" LEDs have a nice pattern of bright and dim that pulses over and over.  It ramps up and down with a very short off period. The whole period is about 3.5 seconds. 

Each light has its own circuit embedded in it so each light will have the slow pulse pattern. Several of them would always be slightly offset pulsing.

 You can select your color in the selections above.  Wired LEDs are sold singly.


We have red, blue and green. Cameras sometimes don't capture color very well but we DO have blue and green.  And white was recently added.

Voltages:  it depends on how you plan to run this, we cover a lot of options. 

If you want Battery operation: choose from our

  • coin cell and choose 3 volt breathing LEDs
  • AAA or AA
  • or 9 volt and choose 5-12 volt breathing LEDs

If you want the lights plugged in we have

If you have your own power supply, select the voltage depending on your supply.

7-19V AC/DC is for a model train or dollhouse transformer, that are sometimes AC and higher volts.

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