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Flickering LED
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A flickering LED. The LED never goes out, just goes up and down in brightness in a nice random pattern.

Great for Torches, Oil Lamps, Coal in a Blacksmith's forge and other places where a soft subtle flicker is needed. And at 1.8mm, the flicker can fit in areas where it is not practical to fit more or larger LEDs.

Get creative with your ideas for using flickering colors

  • White flicker: simulate movie theater projectors and television
  • Blue flicker: space craft engines, televisions
  • Red flicker: race car exhaust
  • Green flicker: witches brew, aliens 
    your own ideas!

Watch the flicker effect!

"What do I need to run these?"

"Hi -- just to say the orange flickering led is great. I put it inside a small factory building as a flame in a boiler. Nice effect, will have to get more."


==Chris CA



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