Clips to hold your LEDs in panels, RC bodies, or Control Boxes

3mm LED or 5mm LED Mounting clips
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Clip Size

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20cents each, these sturdy LED mounting clips are sold as a pack of 10 for $1.50 (.15 cents each)

Use these LED mounting clips to hold your 3mm LED or 5mm LED in place when there is not any way to tape/glue the LED from the backside.

There are some uses for LEDs where these can come in very handy. Like in RC vehicle bodies, or control panels.

Drill Bit Sizes:

  • 3mm use 3/16th"
  • 5mm use 1/4"

We don't use clips much since we like to tape from the back. And you can drill a smaller hole when you drill your hole just to accommodate the LED and not for the clip.

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