Spooled Magnet wire for your projects

Magnet Wire Twisted 50 ft spool
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50 foot of red and green fine magnet wire. Already twisted, the same wire as on our Chip and Nano LEDs.

Just untwist as much as you need to connect to your LEDs. Then leave the rest twisted until you get to the power input.

This wire is 30awg, which for magnet wire is very fine. The wire does not have a bulky rubber jacket. Instead, it is coated with enamel and then polymer for a tough durable coating. Strip with sand paper or with your solder iron.

How to strip this wire?

Magnet wire has has a tough outer jacket and can't be stripped with wire strippers.

We thought this video would help:

strip the wire with sand paper or in this case, an emory board. Remember to flip the wire over to get the other side stripped. When you are done, the wire should be shiny copper, ready for connecting.

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