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LED Part numbers you may have seen

If you have seen our lights at shows

or bought them from a train shop

or from Walthers or even from others

you likely saw the lights in clamshell packages of 5 with a part number on the front.

Here is a handy table of part numbers for our colors of LEDs to help you find the right LED for your next project!


1.8mm Solid LEDs:
U10 Warm White U11 Cool White
U12 Blue U13 Red
U14 Yellow U15 Green
U16 Orange U18 Purple

1.8mm Normal Flash LEDs:
U10F Warm White   U11F Cool White
U12F Blue U13F Red
U14F Yellow U15F Green
U16F Orange U17FF Red/Blue Fast

Chip SMD Solid LEDs:
UC0 Warm White UC1 Cool White
UC2 Blue UC3 Red
UC4 Yellow UC5 Green
UC6 Orange    

3mm Solid LEDs:
U30 Warm White U31 Cool White
U32 Blue U33 Red
U34 Yellow U35 Green
U36 Orange U38 Purple

3mm Normal Flash LEDs:
U30F Warm White U31F Cool White
U32F Blue U33F Red
U34F Yellow U35F Green
U36F Orange U37FF Red/Blue Fast

Special Effect LEDs:
U1F 1.8 Fire U3F 3mm Fire
U5F 5mm Fire RCRD Police
U1W 1.8mm Welding U3W 3mm Welding
U5W 5mm Welding U3TR 3mm Slow
warning flasher

5mm Solid LEDs:
U50 Warm White U51 Cool White
U52 Blue U53 Red
U54 Yellow U55 Green
U56 Orange U58 Purple

5mm Normal Flash LEDs:
U50F Warm White U31F Cool White
U52F Blue U33F Red
U54F Yellow U35F Green
U56F Orange U57FF Red/Blue Fast

LED Part numbers you may have seen

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