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Stick LEDs to surfaces

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Item # led-tack

This wax has very good holding power. You will find you need less than you think.
This small 1 1/4 inch stick will be all you ever really need!
      • Start with a very small amount, like the size of a poppy seed
      • Work and warm a small pinch of wax between your fingers to soften it.
      • To stick chip LEDs put a small amount of wax on the back (unlit) side of the LED and push it onto your surface.
      • If your LED will be shining through a Lens or a Window: put the wax on the front of the LED and push it onto the model.
      • LEDs will shine right though the wax without noticeable loss of brightness.
      • And since LEDs do not get hot, the wax will never melt.
      • When cool, the wax is nice and strongly adhered.

    If you ever need to remove the LED for some reason, you can slice it off with thread. Or you can soften the hardened wax with a drop of cigarette lighter fluid (naphtha). Use care not to harm your model!

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