FOUR of 7-19 Volt Universal LEDs one input!

4 LEDs for trains and buildings
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Color: Warm White
Color: Cool White

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This very bright unit consists of 4 LEDs connected to one input with one bridge rectifier / resistor / capacitor unit.

It is plug and play, ready for for use with 7-19 volts of AC, DC or DCC power.

Each LED is on it's own fine 8" wire. The maximum distance apart you can reach these little lights is about 15-16 inches. Of course with the fine wire you can also locate them closer together, just loop or tape the extra wire out of the way.

This is a great bright way to add nice light to your train, passenger station, building(s), your own ideas!

You can get a 4 LED unit in our smaller Chip and Pico Size on this page of our website:

We also have 4 LED units in 3 Volts and 5-12 Volts DC on this page of our web site


This unit was originally suggested by our friend Stephen Priest, Master Model Railroader. He uses it for HO scale locomotive and passenger car lighting.

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