Breathing LED

Breathing LED
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This "breathing" LED has a nice pattern of bright and dim that pulses over and over.  It ramps up and down with a very short off period.  The whole period is about 5 seconds. 

Each light has its own circuit embedded in it so each light will have the slow pulse pattern.  Several of them would always be slightly offset pulsing.

 Colors: We have red, blue and green.   Cameras sometimes don't capture color very well but we DO have blue and green.

Voltages:  it depends on how you plan to run this. 

If you want Battery operation: choose from our

  • coin cell and choose 3 volt breathing LEDs
  • AAA or AA
  • or 9 volt and choose 5-12 volt breathing LEDs

If you want the lights plugged in we have

  • 3 volt
  • or 12 volt adapters

  If you have your own power supply, select the voltage depending on your supply.

7-19V AC/DC is for a model train or dollhouse transformer, that are sometimes AC and higher volts.

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