Colored Light String for Minatures and Dioramas

Colored Light String for Minatures and Dioramas
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4 colors of chip SMD lights strung together in a long strand. Think of the possibilities!  This string led light set has evenly bright colors on a nice long string.

In the above 1:48 (quarter scale) very colorful picture, the 26-LED string is around the parking lot. The 12-LED string is around the Evergreen Tree in the foreground.  They make this little scene come alive, with Christmas Lights.

They can also be a great addition to carnivals or midway rides or other scenes as well.

Each light is 1" (1.0) inch apart.

colored lights for miniatures

Light Colors:

  • Red
  • blue
  • yellow
  • green

3 Volt Strings come with:

  • AAA Battery holder to run 12 LED Strings
  • AA Battery holder to run 26 LED Strings

9-18 Volt Strings run on your power supply

You can also run any length string with our 3 volt adapter!

"the lights came to life and they are magical. I love them. Thank you."

== Carol

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