LED Alternator Circuit

LED Alternator Circuit
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A 4-LED alternator circuit.  The circuit iThe circuit is already set up with the LEDs that alternate at a normal flash speed suitable for railroad crossings, radio towers, bridges, your own ideas. The lights are on fairly long leads. The wire we have used is fine twisted magnet wire. You can have pairs of lights. One pair at one crossing, another pair for another crossing, you have 4 pairs here to use as you like.

The alternator circuit has no on-off switch and it's made to run directly off of AC or DC power 7-19 volts. Use the accessory side or the track side on your power supply, or use a battery. There is just the one pattern. When you remove power the circuit goes off. When you add power, the circuit goes right back on to the same pattern. If you wanted to you could add a sensor to this unit such as a magnetic sensor or an optical sensor or a pressure sensor. This would allow your circuit to go on train comes by and go off when the Train passes on by.

This circuit is also configurable with options. One popular choice is to add just two LEDs: One on each side. If you use warm white for the alternating you can simulate a mars light or alternating ditch lights.

Put all of your LEDs on one side and you have simultaneous flashers. Simultaneous flashers are nice if you're trying to simulate an emergency vehicle or maintenance vehicle.

The circuit dimensions:
about 1 inch in length
a little less than a half an inch thick

This circuit is ready to run and comes fully assembled with LEDs on twisted magnet wire.

The alternator can run pico, nano, chips, 1.8mm, 3mm or 5mm LEDs.

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