Classic Coach Lamp for Models and Miniatures

Miniature Wall Lamp
Regular price $6.00
Color: Warm White

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This lighted wall lamp will look great on your buildings! Size A is perfect for 1/4 or O scale. The smaller is a nice size for HO scale, while the Large size is nice for 1/12 dollhouses and G scale structures. This lamp comes with a nice warm white light, with 14 inches of kynar wire. You can run the wire inside of your building, then meet up with the resistor if needed.

For 3 volt uses you are all ready to go, just add your 3 volt battery or power supply./


For 7-19 volt AC/DC/DCC we have a bridge rectifier/resistor harness you Must attach the resistor harness to the 3 volt light before you connect it to power.

Comparisons: A dime is 17.5mm, a AA battery width is 14.1mm and a Sharpie marker width is 11mm



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