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Model Railroad Club

University of Minnesota Model Railroad Club
uses Evan Designs Software

We were contacted by the Univeristy of Minnesota Model Railroad Club.
The director of Promotions/Fundraising told us:
"We've been looking at your products for some time now, have heard numerous positive reviews, and would very much like to use them on our layout.
The far majority of our supplies are donated, without the generosity of manufacturers such as yourself we would have a much harder time building our model railroad and in turn, encouraging model railroading amongst college students.
We run on a tight budget so all donations are extremely appreciated. All donors are proudly listed on our website and often times visitors ask about products we use and are impressed by the companies that contribute."

This well-known Model Railroad Club has been featured in Model Railroader, Model Railroad News, The Minnesota Daily, and the Division NMRA Newsletter.

The Railroad
The Upper Midwest Transportation Corp. serves the Twin Cities with routes to Chicago [via south-central Wisconsin] and Winnipeg [via central and northern Minnesota] with branchline service to many locations across Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Manitoba, and Ontario.

The UMTC also operates Rail Canada [RC] and Manitoba Northern [MN] as a part of our Canadian service provided to Western Ontario and Manitoba.

Check back here to see photos of what has been built so far with Evan Designs Software!

University of Minnesota
Model Railroad Club

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