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Make your Own Inkjet Decals! No Over Spray

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Item # HobbyCal
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you can see the individual brick behind the inkjet decal...

These waterslip decals dry white, as you can see by the Tobacco text.
And with just a bit of gentle weathering with a piece of steel wool you can take some of the inkjet decal color off. We did this step with the man's hand in order to see more of the brick through the decal.

This Inkjet Decal Package includes Five full-sized sheets of 8.5" x 11" specially treated water-slip decal paper

The only thing you need to buy! No over spray, no top coat, just these sheets of decal paper.

Apply The Decal Video Text

    Soften the Decal     Video Text
  • Select your designs, you can use any design that you have on your computer, or use our Amerian Ads or Graffiti
  • Place this decal paper in your inkjet printer with white-side toward your printer
  • Print your designs and wait one hour for the ink to dry.
  • Cut out your Decals. SAVE the unprinted portion of your Decal Paper for later use.
    decals for models
  • Put a few drops of water onto your decals making sure to get it all wet. The decal will curl up, then after a few moments it will uncurl
  • When the decal uncurls, it is ready to separate from its paper backing and use!
  • Place your new decal onto your building, rolling stock, die casts, or structures.
  • Press down on the decal while it dries to ensure a close adhesion
  • Use a decal softener, In our testing, Cigarette Lighter Fluid works best to melt the decal onto uneven surfaces such as building brickwork and boxcar ribs.

Age The Decal

Video Text
Clear the Decal

Video Text

Adding white text
to your rolling stock and models

The tobaco ad and Delta power tool ad are both from the 100 ads found in American Ad Collection

" I use decals on all of my buildings.
I've tried several kinds of Decals, and yours are by far the best I've used." == Donna, Trainy Day Hobbies

With nearly 40-years experience as a small-scale model maker, I'm VERY impressed with this product! Easiest to use and consistent best results if you follow the directions. Thanks, Model Train Software, for making it available!

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