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3 Volt LEDs

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Order Information
AvailabilityUsually ships in 2-3 business days
Item # 3VLEDs
Size select size
 1.8mm (T 3/4)
 3mm (T1)
 5mm(T1 3/4)
Color select color
 Cool White
 Warm White
 Red/Blue(fast only AAA or AA only)
 Red/White (fast only AAA or AA only)
Wire Length 8 inch
 14 inch
Flash/Solid solid
 fast flash (no warm white)
 normal flash

Save Money! *
wired LED2.25
5+wired LEDs2.00ea
10+wired LEDs1.90ea
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These LEDs look great in your projects! Use these 3V LEDs Any place you need nice bright lights running on:
  • a coin cell "watch" battery
  • AAA or AA battery
  • 3V regulated adapter
  • or on your DCC board (3 volt position)

We have tested and added the resistors if and when they are needed. So you are ready to run right out of the package! Each LED already has what it needs.
Our Warm White LED closely matches the warm glow of incandescent lighting in rooms, or the glow of car headlights. Also called "soft white".

Cool White LEDs have cool cast, much like fluorescent lighting in factories, or the newer Xenon headlights seen in newer cars headlights. Some call them "daylight".
Run these lights with:
Coin Holder Switch

AAA Holder Switch

AA Holder/Switch
3 Volt Adapter
These 100,000 hour Super Bright LEDs come Fully Assembled with 8" of insulated wire. Connect these LEDs right to a 3V DC battery or adapter using any of the options above. Guaranteed to work, nothing to add, plug and play.

Our LEDs are Guaranteed to stay lit for 2 years with free replacement!
Solids and Flashing?
  • We recommend getting a 3volt coin cell for your solids
  • and a separate coin cell for your flashers.
  • Some colors of flashers, especially red, can cause "carryover" flicker in any solid LEDs.
  • Or consider the AA holder/switch it has no carryover.

How about 10 Flashers on one coin cell battery?
Here it is!

pretty nice! The lights are:
4 3mm white fast
1 3mm red/blue fast
3 3mm red fast
2 1.8mm blue fast
and one single cr2032 coin cell
We found the 3mm fast blue was not bright enough when sharing the battery with the other colors, so we used 1.8mm fast blue for this.

Don't Forget Hook-Up wire! 25ft spools are $3.00

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