Hook Up Wire for Hobby Modeling Projects

Kynar Hook Up Wire
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Kynar 28Awg Electric Wire

Choose from 25 foot, 50 foot, or 100 foot kynar spools.
If you need a bit of connection wire to bring your power supply out to your LEDs, use this 28Awg Kynar. This Military Grade wire is easy to solder, very high quality, high conductivity for it's size, and is the same wire that we use for all of our LEDs.

Small but Mighty!

This wire has a nice slim jacket of kynar making it easy to fit into small spaces. The diameter of the wire is .021 inches. Yet, it is fully capable of handling 36 volts of power at 5 amps.

How to strip this wire?

Kynar it has a tough outer jacket and a finer gauge than most wire strippers can handle. We thought this video would help:
  • set out a piece of paper towel
  • heat up your solder iron, we used an ordinary 12 volt pencil style Iron
  • Cut your wires to the desired length, this leaves un-stripped ends
  • lay one wire on the paper towel holding the wire between two fingers about 3/4" above the cut end
  • Place the tip of the soldering iron 1/4" up from the end
  • Wait about two seconds
  • pull the wire out from under the iron, the wire comes clean!
  • wipe the iron on the paper towel, it does not "damage" the iron in any way
  • Do the second wire

Ideally suited for many applications, this wire is OFHC (oxygen free high conductivity copper wire) and provides a very flexible and very abrasion resistant hook up wire. The wire is a single solid copper single strand, and easy to connect to other wires by either twisting or soldering.

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