Knight Rider Light Circuit

Knight Rider Light Circuit
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Our Knight Rider Circuit is built on the pattern of the lights used in car Kitt from Knight Rider.

This LED pattern is also used in the Cylon Raider Eye for you Battlestar Galactica Fans.

The custom-programmed micro circuit is attached to 6 small Nano size Red LEDs.  Each light is on 8" wires. The light pattern moves back and forth between the LEDs with a fading chasing light trail.

The fully assembled tiny circuit can be fit into small cars or other projects that need this pattern. 

So what you get:

  • fully assembled shrink tubed circuit
  • 8" input wires
  • 6 Nano Red LEDs on 8" wires on the output size

The wire length on the Nanos is slightly different so you can tell the order of lighting.  Longest to shortest is the order.


Circuit dimensions:
  • the 3 volt circuit is 4mm x 9mm by 17mm long
  • The 6-12 volt circuit is 8mm x 10mm x 21mm long
  • the 7-19 volt AC/DC circuit is 10mm x 18mm x 34mm long

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